Internet Marketing - the Paradigm By N. Holt

N. Holt, Basic PLUS Author

Without a web presence he may not survive

A few questions led to some rather startling answers. He had been reluctant to admit that putting his business online would or could benefit him. In fact he never thought about it. That was until he had complaints from others who are online and run similar businesses. His customers were going to their sites and then abusing the proprietors because they could not find the right information. Worse still many were taking their business elsewhere and leaving him out.

His customers also complained to him because they could not find him online and could not acquire details about his services, costs and guarantees without ringing or traveling to his business. He had failed to understand that most people now expect to be able to check on a business through their computer without leaving home.

Technology has altered the way we do business

It shows how quickly technology has caught up with even the smallest traders who prefer to sit back and allow more enterprising people to take over and push them away. No business can afford to lose customers that way as advertising and getting them interested in your services in the first place is hard and expensive work.

Customers lost may never return

Business owners of all categories today must size up the pros and cons of putting their information online. Can they afford to lose customers to another business? The answer is no because the chances are they are gone forever never to return.

Getting online is simple and there is an enormous array of help and advice waiting for them. All that anyone protective of their business really needs is the inspiration and the realization that the old ways are fast dying out. New generations will have no time for traveling to a business to find out what it is all about. Also the telephone is no longer adequate to explain it. People want quick information, pictures, prices, lists of services, information on staff and the CEO, and they want it now.

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