Auto Responder Details.

Starting on the Internet is a daunting time for new comers and it is made worse
when tools are not explained properly and their use remains a mystery. The
technology and requirements are often awesome and many will fail because they
are too shy to ask for help. Unless you are technically minded you may shut up
shop and run. But take a minute and read this article as it may help you over
one of your first hurdles.

Whatever advice you follow there is always one piece of equipment that it seems
you cannot do without – the autoresponder.

  • What is it?
  • How does it work?
  • Where do you get one?
  • Are there good and bad ones.
  • How much does it cost?
  • How will it benefit you?
  • Do you need a web site to use it
  • Will it help build your business
  • This is an email service to which people send a query for further information
    or a newsletter. A message is returned to them instantly. It is set up with
    prewritten messages for this purpose. The first may be a simple thank you note
    followed by a series of letters, newsletters or promotions. It represents an
    introduction to your business and a chance for you to welcome your customers.
    And build a relationship with them

    By putting a simple html script on your website visitors to the site submit
    their name (first is enough) and e-mail address. You can have other spaces
    for queries or comments but frankly the simpler the better. Their details are
    captured by the auto responder and placed on a list for future contact.

    You hire an auto responder from Companies that specialize in this type of
    business wither on a monthly or yearly basis. They are universally located
    and may advertise their services in appropriate places where you can visit
    their site and decide if this is who you want to go with. The place they
    normally advertise is through affiliates and their websites but search engines
    have a list of them.

    There are good and bad companies and autosresponders. The best ones use a
    double opt-in system so that submissions receive an email back from the
    autoresponder company asking for confirmation that they want contact from you.
    This overcomes spam complaints which will get you banned from your ISP and
    other systems on the Internet.

    Auto responders do vary in price. They range from free versions to help you
    start off without major expenses upwards and some are $us10 per month to $100
    or more per month. It depends on what it does, the number of lists and how many
    emails you send out per month. Good ones usually give unlimited number of lists
    and even templates, etc. for your messages from less than $us20 per month. Shop
    around and ask in forums what people use before ploughing in.

    Benefits are enormous. Having someone's details means you can continue to market
    to them over time. Not everyone who submits their details is a customer straight
    off so targeting your letters to entice them to buy is a great benefit. From
    your sales page or information newsletters you can update them with events and
    happenings, and so on. You can send a broadcast message for an important release
    or event as well.

    You do need a web site address to use them as the html form must be on an
    internet page. These are customers who come to you from your site and are
    interested in your business.

    Build your list by advertising that site and capturing as many names and email
    addresses as possible. It is possible to have thousands on a list making it
    easy to market affiliate products and joint venture products when they are

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