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The start of a good web site is its name. Think about your business,
what you want it to achieve and aim for a domain name that suits its

The name of this site was no accident. But it was
also not hard to come up with. First of all it is designed to give
work at Home business marketers clues as to how to get off the ground
and then survive. The latter is the hardest to achieve as the pitfalls
are many and lies are waiting to snag you at every turn.

Don't be drawn by claims of what others have achieved. Some may be
genuine but most are inventions designed to grab your money.

People think of money when they start a business but gold is far more
valuable, rarely looses its value and is exchangeable in every country.
It normally is not subject to massive swings like, for instance, the US$.
The other thing about it is that it shines and for many is also sacred.

The point is to get your mind off money for a minute and present the
alternative solution. You don't need to spend a lot to achieve it either.
Just adhere to good advice and go slowly until you know where you are
going and how to get there. This can take time.

The aim of a business is to achieve with best practices. It becomes the
gold among the silver, and the best quality among the opposition.

So how do you choose the best name? Start off with what you want to do.
Then think about what might attract people to you.

When it is listed in the SE's it already speaks of its purpose.

If you use SE ads, like adwords, searchers for your product will be more
inclined to click your ad and go to your site if it suggests value and
confirms knowledge of what they are looking for.

The best Traffic Exchange on the web. Don't take my word for it.
Check it out yourself. It offers great returns, an exciting format,
puzzles to solve and it is a pleasure to surf.

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