Norma Holt has been designing web sites for some twelve years. She learned html and the mysteries of Internet sites the hard way, by taking sites that others had built and reconstructing them from scratch.

She owns and operates several sites and has a good
idea of what any business requires. Her working life began
in advertising and television production and she has appeared in the media on many occasions.

Her interests are wide and varied and she is up to date with
modern trends.

Over the years she has studied intently the does and don't of good marketing and delights in helping others.

Norma is an author, publisher and researcher who enjoys designing and well presented sites. Her degree in archeology/anthropology included linguistics and philosophy as part of her research, and this helps her understand things outside the square.

She successfully ran a landscape designing business
for over 20 years during which time she employed staff to carry out the work involved with her designs. At the same time she also ran a very successful retail business in one of the upper class suburbs of Sydney.

She is a person of many talents and aside from design she is an artist although she rarely commercializes this side of herself.

Many of her clients were able to perform the work of landscaping themselves following her advice. She aims to have people build their Internet Web Site business in much the same way by following her advice and getting assistance as required.

If you want first class advice and help then Norma is the person to give it to you. During her lifetime she has helped many ease into millionaire status.

She has designed this site to provide all the information
and help available to help you get online

If you feel you cannot do it yourself then contact
Norma for a quote to do it for you

Norma also edits websites and e-books for authors.



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