Good design starts with easy to look at and navigate pages that are
easy on the eyes, clear in meaning and with good navigation.

The first thing you need is a domain and the name will be the most important part of it. The following is from an article by MoreMoney365 and may help you decide on the name and function of your business.

The benefits of finding a great expired domain name are phenomenal.
1. You'll have an asset worth more than it's weight in gold.
A short, sharp and snappy domain not only provides you with a prestigious
brand and online presence, but gives you a significant return on investment
in the worth of a domain.

2. You could be sitting on a goldmine
Once you've registered the domain, it's yours to use or sell as you please.
With a number of domain auction sites on the 'Net, it's now easy to showcase
a valuable domain and sell it for hundreds, even thousands of dollars, if the
domain hits the right market.

You could easily make a comfortable (if not outrageous) living in buying and
selling domains alone... Thousands are already doing it. I mean, have you ever
heard of a 10,000% profit margin?

3. Establish a distinctive, professional and memorable Internet presence.
Even if you don't care about buying and selling domains, or investing in
"digital real estate," you owe it to yourself (and your website) to have
an attractive .com address that will pull tons of qualified traffic!

A short, memorable and magnetic domain name provides the ultimate vehicle
for branding, and sticks in the mind of your prospects like glue. On the
other hand however, a long, unattractive name will kill your professionalism
even before it even has a chance to grow.

A great domain name gives you instant credibility!

4. And finally, it could provide you with instant traffic!
This is probably the best benefit of all four!

The following is an article by Norma recently published to overcome bad
design and to bring to the fore how much your site means to your success

The benefits of finding a great expired domain name are phenomenal. ______________________________________________________________

Your Home Business Web Site Is Your Shop

by N. Holt.

The home business web site is the show piece of your Internet business
and it must perform like a shop unless, of course, it is one that offers
advice rather than one earning income. In that case it should act like a
library or reference book. If it is a niche site it may only sell one
thing but the importance of this advice still applies no matter what
its purpose.

Your home business shop represents your community, your success and your
skills on show. How it looks and what it feels like is important to everyone
who ventures in. So give them an experience they will enjoy. A thrill that
will bring them back. And, if possible send their friends to you as well.

This is not difficult to achieve if you concentrate on making it the best site
while earning money from home becomes your sole income. Your web site
address must represent your home business, just like a shop does. Check
out these features;

  • Does it look right, are things properly displayed, are
    the fittings in order.
  • Are the goods itemized and easy to access?
  • Does it offer plenty of choice.
  • What of the lighting?
  • Is there any glare or colors to turn you off?
  • Can everything be seen on entry.
  • Is there a site map?
  • Does it have a poor color scheme?
  • Does it play loud, unimpressive music or such to hinder browsing?
  • Is an audible message hard to understand and making little or no sense?
  • Does audio and video play only when chosen by the customer or automatically?
  • Words like “free', “gifts”, or “amazing” are gimmicky. Its time to come up
    with something unique, something that is you. If your home based business is
    a niche site then that should be easy, if not get some help.

    Sites that appeal are well done, easy to navigate, simple in design and
    color and offer goods appropriate to the buyer's interest. Your best should
    display when the site opens and in web world this is done with words and design.

    Use best words to describe your products. What is it that
    sets your home business apart and earns you a self employed home based income?
    It is surely the one item that whoever enters your store wants to buy, can't
    do without, and is well priced. That is your focus.

    Presentation is everything and working from home requires learned skills and
    consideration for your visitor. Business sites that are overdone, hard to
    navigate, full of irrelevant material, and too complicated do not work.
    Some are full of commercials and short on detail. Others are just short
    on everything.

    Don't have your site list this? Take the time, make the effort and have it the
    best it can be.

    The best sites are simple, straight forward and easy to look at.
    Psychedelic sites can send your visitor blind and racing away. Red or green font
    on black is definitely a no no.

    So what makes a good work at home site? Let's examine the issues related to a bad site.

    Sites with dark backgrounds and dark writing are extremely hard to read.

  • Small fonts and hard to see links are not the best.
  • Inaudible messages can be a pain.
  • Loud inappropriate music can send visitors running.
  • The things that will help:

  • Get rid of clutter.
  • Use a font color (black, red or brown on white are best)
  • Create easy to read pages with the right size font, 3-4 is good.
  • Links should be very clear.
  • If you cannot read them nor can anyone else.
  • Hire professionals or get advice from forums to achieve your goals.
  • Edit copy until it reads well and is to the point.
  • Don't use unnecessary detail.
  • If need be engage a copywriter to do the job for you.

    All this is outside of SEO and advertising considerations because getting
    people to the site is useless if they leave within seconds. Your home
    business and income will succeed or fail on your presentation.

    Remember color, ease of reading and a good atmosphere are extremely important.
    If you want to make money from home do it right.

    Manage your site as though it is a shop where words mean everything. If you
    are offering several products they must be renewed as required. Make your home
    based income producing business the best it can be and you will attract the
    best and succeed.

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